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From: Joy Elizabeth - Pacific Pines
Re: The Best Head Lice Remedy
(in my opinion, because it always works)

     Dear Friend,

     In 1998 my husband and I separated, and due to illness, our three young kids lived with him most of the time.

     To my dismay, every time they visited me they were riddled with head lice. He said he was trying different things all the time to get rid of them but he was getting so frustrated and angry, and was just plain fed up with trying.

     AND, he said it was costing him so much money to treat 3 kids plus himself.

     AND, to make matters worse, they kept bringing head lice home from school all the time.

     “It’s a never-ending cycle and I am very nearly tearing my own hair out”, he’d complain.

     So, needless to say, every time they visited me there were tears of frustration – my youngest girl was only 3 years old at the time and she hadn’t even been to school at this stage – and even she had them in her gorgeous auburn hair.

I am ashamed to admit it, but it made me feel dirty
just knowing that my kids had head lice.

    Yes, I know that’s a bad way to feel about your own kids, but to be perfectly honest, even though I loved them more than life itself, it still made me feel yuk – hey, I did say that it’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s the truth.

     You know, even now, all these years later as I think back to those times, I still feel ashamed of myself for not knowing what to do.
     It’s really weird though .... to this day my own head starts to itch again and my skin begins to crawl just by thinking about it – Uggh!

     Has that ever happened to you - where even thinking about them makes you itch? It’s a disgusting feeling. Imagine how it must feel for your kids – all the time. It must be revolting for them ….
     Do you know, it didn’t seem to matter how many times my friends told me that it wasn’t my fault and that we weren’t dirty, I couldn’t help feeling like I was some type of outcast - some sort of second-rate mother that wasn’t capable of looking after her kids properly.

Head Lice - TrudiHere’s what Trudi had to say...
I think "The BEST Head Lice Remedy" is excellent. Very professional. 

I also like that you "chat" to people with your own story. I think it can feel "lonely" when your child has you're all alone in the world trying to get rid of the little vermin!.......and you go from treatment to treatment never understanding why they get re-infested. 

No-one has ever been THAT helpful explaining head-lice - so I think that works well.

Thank you so much Joy.

Trudi D - Maleny, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia 


I felt like I was failing my kids somehow ….

     And yet here I was spending a small fortune on different head lice products – so it wasn’t like I wasn’t trying. But it felt like I was basically just experimenting with products, with no guarantees that they would work, and with NO chance of getting my money back when they didn’t. You know the vicious cycle, I’m sure.

     I just wanted any EASY way to free my kids of these dreaded things so that they wouldn’t scratch at their heads anymore, ….. or run the risk of getting teased at school.

     All I wanted to do was protect them, and myself, so that none of us would get those “dirty” looks from other people - you know the one I’m talking about, don’t you? - The embarrassing hurtful one where people turn up their nose at you or your kids because they think you are lazy and dirty because you haven’t gotten rid of “them”?

     Let me ask you something - have you ever been in the position that you hope like hell that no-one looks closely at your kids’ hair or worse, sees something crawling and then yells out loud “Ughh! You’ve got nits!!”……. people, and kids in particular, can be so cruel, can’t they? I don’t know about you, but like I said, I just wanted to be able to protect my children from getting hurt. It’s hard enough in school as it is without this sort of added pressure….

     Do you know, in my day as a kid in school I didn’t ever have head lice – but I know that I was warned who to stay away from at school so that I didn’t become outlawed myself. I can still remember how embarrassing it was for those other poor kids – I felt really sorry for them and I can remember thinking that I was really glad that I didn’t have “them” …. Isn’t peer pressure wonderful – not.

     Come to think of it, my young family didn’t have a problem with head lice either until my eldest daughter had started school…Hmmm….food for thought….

     I’ll never forget when my eldest daughter Carli came to visit me for the first time. She had such beautiful long brown hair and as I gave her a hug, to my horror, I saw a huge head louse crawling on my arm. It was as big as a dog flea and I panicked. I’d never seen one that big before!

     That did it.

I knew I had to do something.
I had to take action.

     Immediately, I washed Carli’s hair with some shampoo that I had in the cupboard, and sat her down to begin the very l-o-n-g process of going over EVERY strand of hair on my 7 year old daughter’s v-e-r-y long, v-e-r-y thick, dark hair.

Here’s what Cindy had to say...
"I had been talking with a friend of mine who has had problems with head lice going around at her school. She explained that she and the other mothers had tried heaps of different products but the general consensus was that they never seemed to work even though they were expensive. Somehow the head lice kept coming back even though they followed all the instructions properly.

"She mentioned a remedy, “The BEST Head Lice Remedy”, that someone from her school had found on the Internet that claimed it was a more natural solution that worked so she thought she would give it a try.

"She was so impressed with the results that she hasn’t stopped raving about it and mentions it to all the mothers that seem to have a problem with the dreaded head lice. 

"Since I was one of those mothers, I thought that I would just have to give it a try – after all, if it didn’t work, I got my money back, no questions asked.  What did I have to lose?

"Well, I am glad to report that the remedy is as simple and effective as my friend boasted – after the full but simple explanation about what the process involves and why they keep coming back, we have no problems with recurring head lice either – Thank God, and thank you “The BEST Head Lice Remedy”.

Cindy P, Arizona, USA

      I was thinking that there had to be an EASIER WAY…… surely???

     People laugh when I tell them they haven’t really seen paranoia at it’s best until they’ve seen me see a head louse .....

     But I was determined that I was going to fix it once and for all.

     Or so I thought……

     Sitting there at first, I tried to make a game of it, and that was ok ….. for a while….. until she began to get fidgety and impatient….. I am sure you can guess how this one ended.
     But every visit was the same ….. always wash the hair before any personal contact was made…. With 3 girls with really long hair it took hours before we had our first hug.

     Paranoia had set in and I was the one who was now getting angry – at my kids for getting them in the first place, at my ex for not being able to keep them “clean”, at the school for not enforcing a head lice-free policy, but mostly at myself for not being able to fix it all up and make it go away – like I thought any good mother should be able to.

     Unfortunately I was taking my frustrations out on everyone that was around me – not the makings for a Happy Household I can tell you.

     But then I realised something……

     It dawned on me that, although I am quite an intelligent woman,

     I really didn’t know very much about head lice.

     I didn’t now what they looked like up close, I didn’t know how they lived, what their breeding cycles were – nothing.

     So, I decided to look into it.

I made it my personal duty to study up on all that I could about head lice
and I found some really interesting stuff that I thought was
very useful to know.

     Like, did you know that head lice don’t actually have wings and can’t fly?? I didn’t. At the very least I thought they jumped. Or that a female can lay between 150 and 300 eggs per day. And that they cannot live away from the human head for more than 24 hours.
     I started to see where everyone was going wrong.

     It took many hours, of many weeks, to get my head around it all…. but I persisted and slowly a system started to develop in my mind.

     And then one day as I was working, it occurred to me that if I didn’t know much about them then maybe other mothers didn’t know much about them either – and maybe they would benefit from knowing about them too.

     With this in mind, I drew on my other skills with aromatherapy, psychology and mothercraft and so began my mission – to my way of thinking there had to be a way.

I took it upon myself to develop an informative, simple, cheap,
yet complete and natural solution
to rid my family of the pain and frustration of head lice.
Once and for all.

     So, for over 9 years I worked on fully developing and properly testing the effectiveness and ease-of-use of my “Magic Formula” – AND I TESTED IT ON MY OWN FAMILY.

     Well, I had to be sure that it worked really easily and long term didn’t I?? I also had to ease through the inevitable teething problems that always come up …… AND I had to make sure that I could afford it.

     I was aiming for Natural Perfection On A Budget.

     And, lo and behold.

     Our family has been head lice-free since late 1998 - with no more heart-ache, no more tears, and only clean shiny hair, happy smiling kids - and money still in my purse.

     Do you know what? Here's a little bit of gossip……

     You know how kids prattle on with their friends and you kind of half listen in – just to make sure that they are being well-behaved:-) ?

     Well, one day I was taking one of my youngest daughter’s friends home in the car and I could hear both of them discussing one of the kids that had recently transferred from another class into their class. It seems that no-one wanted to sit near this new girl because it was very obvious that she had nits.

Head Lice - PamelaHere’s what Pamela had to say...
In my line of work as manager of a local children’s charity, I work with many young school-aged children. While my job has many up-sides, one of the down sides is that some of the children have head-lice. 

For many years I have tried many commercial products, but found that they were very expensive, laden with chemicals - names of which I couldn’t even pronounce, and most often were ineffective.
I decided that there had to be a more natural, effective way to deal with the lice, and while surfing the internet I came across “The BEST Head Lice Remedy".  It said it was a more natural but effective solution. With the 100% Money-Back Guarantee I had nothing to lose and much to gain if it worked, so I purchased “The BEST Head Lice Remedy”. 

Not only can I can tell you “The BEST Head Lice Remedy” is a simple to use, cheap but effective natural remedy – but I was educated about how to prevent further re-infestations. 

“The BEST Head Lice Remedy” is good enough for me.

Pam C, Gold Coast, Australia

     Now it was carefully clarified between the two girls that there was nothing actually wrong with this other girl, but I could hear them say that it was hard for them to get friendly and play with her because she had head lice.

     Next thing I hear my daughter telling her friend “But I don’t see why people have such a problem - it’s really easy to get rid of head lice. My mum made up some magic shampoo and some special conditioner and it’s really easy – I’ve haven’t had head lice since mum wrote her book. I might tell Samantha about mum’s website."

     So I guess even I was surprised to learn what an impact that my “Magic Formula” has had on my own kids.

How awesome is it that my own kids have been telling their friends
how easy it is to get rid of head lice.

     I was even more amazed that she was introducing them to this website. What a great way to get the word around. (I guess there is no better advertising than word-of-mouth.)

     So, where to next??

     Look, I guess I am writing this to you, and telling you my story, because I need you to know that I really do understand your pain of standing by and watching helplessly as your kids scratch and itch, as you pour your good, hard-earned money down the drain (literally).

     This is why I am offering you my simple, natural, cheap, easy, always effective, do-it-yourself “Magic Formula”, to give you and your family the opportunity of having some peace of mind too.

For only $27.97  $17.97 you can be head lice-free forever.



     Imagine what that will be like …… and for only $27.97  $17.97

     Using my amazingly simple and cheap “Magic Formula” you can be relaxed knowing that

          • your kids are not being teased or left out at school because of head lice ….

          • you will have more money in your purse because you aren’t having to buy
            expensive products that don’t work ….

          • you'll have more time on your hands to play with your kids because you aren’t
            screaming at each other in the bathroom ….
          • you will be able to relax knowing that you finally have something that will take all
            the pressure off any head lice ever coming into your home ever again.

     Look, all I’m asking is that you try it...

     I believe you will be 100% Happy (and so do my kids, by the way). But, if for any reason you are not, then by all means, feel free to use my 100% "Happy Guarantee".

     You see, I offer a 100% “Money Back If You’re ‘Not’ Happy” Guarantee.
Here’s what Samantha had to say...
I wish I had have had this system years ago - it would have saved me and my children many many hours of trauma, tears and heartache.

Samantha J, Ferny Hills, Queensland, Australia

     Why ?

     Because I know it works.

I’ve used this formula successfully on my own family for years, and now,
so do heaps of other happy satisfied head lice-free families.

     So now you can too.

     But before we get to the guarantee ...

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3.  Comprehensive Instructional Videos.

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     Please understand that ....

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Head Lice - Guarantee

     Look, if you follow the simple, easy instructions in my book "The BEST Head Lice Remedy", I personally guarantee that you will get rid of head lice.
     But you see, I also understand that nothing works 100% of the time for 100% of the population – and let me tell you that anyone out there who says they have something that will is not being completely honest with you.
     Therefore, because I believe in "The BEST Head Lice Remedy", your order today is backed 100% by this better than risk-free 8 week money back guarantee. It’s simple:-

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     And just so you know, to get the refund, you won't have to answer any questions, fill out any forms, or send anything back to me either.

     All you have to do is just let me know within 60 days if you're not happy and I'll immediately give you a 100% refund.
     Now you can’t get any better than that can you?
     Kind Regards,           


  (1:39 mins)
Press PLAY button twice to listen to Guarantee

     Here's that question again for you:-

Does your Pharmacy let you return their head lice products
when they don't work ?  (Mine didn't !!)

     I really don’t think that I need to go on anymore about it ….. I mean I could ….. But I think it best that I spare you ….

     Really, it’s very simple -

     If you or your family have head lice and are sick and tired of spending lots of money and getting nowhere with it all, give this a try.

     You really have nothing to lose ……

     except of course …… within a few minutes ……

     you can lose the paranoia and pain that goes with having head lice and instead can have “clean” kids with “clean” hair and a “clean” peace of mind.

Ask yourself :

       Do I need something that kills head lice ?

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       Do I want a cure for ongoing head lice paranoia ?

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So, here’s to everyone being “Happy without Head lice”.

Only $27.97  $17.97
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Kind Regards,

Joy Elizabeth
Author of
"The BEST Head Lice Remedy"

Head Lice - Joy

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     But like I said, these videos are only on trial at the moment, because if my publisher finds that they don’t really add the extra value for you that I think they will, then he will not be including them in the future.

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There really is no excuse anymore.

I am not medically qualified to offer advice. The information contained on this website has not been reviewed or approved by any authorities. What I am is a caring mum who has developed a system that works 100% of the time for me. I find it is a relative easy method for getting rid of head lice. It works great for me.

If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then please don’t order from me, as this is NOT for you.
On the other hand, if you are comfortable with me and what I have talked about, then go ahead and
Buy Now, and get immediate access to this fantastic system.

All information is for educational purposes only. For specific medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment, consult your doctor.

Thankyou - Joy.

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